Masakage Mizu Nakiri


The Blade of the Masakage Mizu is super thin and cuts like a razor. The Hard Aogami #2 steel is laminated between softer layers of carbon steel.These knives have been named Mizu (water) as the blue/black Kurochi finish gives the impression of cold, deep water.

Because the blade is not stainless it requires a bit more care. Keep the blade dry to avoid tarnish and if you ever see a bit of rust on the blade remove it immediately with a coarse dish scrubber and soapy water.

Knife Maker: Anyru san
Knife Shape: Nakiri, Double bevel knives designed for vegetables
Blade Length: 165mm
Steel Type: Aogami # 2 (Blue Steel # 2)
Rockwell Hardness: 61:63
Handle Material: Wa (Japanese) Handle, Oval Cherry wood handle with plastic collar
Supplier: Kitchen Samurai



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