Yakitori Hamper

After extensive eating and cooking trips to Japan, one of Peter’s favorite local foods became Yakitori- or Japanese style grilled chicken. Craved by many Japanese diners for its abundance of umami flavors, its simplicity and its essential use of premium quality ingredients, it’s a style of food that becomes addictive and very moreish.

This hamper of authentic Japanese tools and local ingredients comes with a complimentary 1kg bag of binchotan white charcoal as well as instructions on how to use it as well as directions on how to grill the Japanese way.


Authentic Japanese Grilling Set with 6 Yakitori Skewers and Yaki no Tare (BBQ Sauce)

Set Includes:
250mm Round Shichirin Grill by Noto Nenshouki
Binchotan White Lump Charcoal 1kg
Charcoal Starter Pot by Eizuka
Tawashi by Kamenoko, Coconut Bristle Grill Washer
10 Sets of Ishiba Chopsticks
Locally Made Hard Wood Plate
6 Skewers (2 x Chicken Thigh, 2 x Chicken Breast and 2 x Shiitake Mushroom)
Yaki no tare, house made BBQ Sauce – 125ml

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