FYN Experience


FYN’s Winter Experience brings gastronomy to your door. This menu celebrates the seasonal bounty of the Cape combined with the skill of FYN’s team of chefs led by Peter Tempelhoff & Ashley Moss. This menu is served in 5 courses and includes bread & butter, snacks and petit fours.

Jennifer, a French native and passionate wine authority, is the inspiration behind FYN’s exceptional wine list. Her recommendations for the current FYN Winter Experience is currently available for delivery with your dining order. Click here for her recommendations


Please see full menu below description. 

The main courses require heating. Cooking and plating instructions are included.

  • Please note: 
    Orders need to be received by 5pm the previous day for next day deliveries or collection. Delivery /Collection options will be available at checkout.

    Whilst we always endeavor to meet all our guests’ dietary needs, food is prepared in an environment that contains allergens and therefore cannot guarantee the omission of trace elements including nuts, dairy, seafood, gluten, meats and other allergens.

    Please fill in any special requests or dietary requirements you may have.





California sourdough rye, allium butter
Sweetcorn muffin, romesco sauce



Gamefish tataki & tartare, seaweed salad,
spicy chirizu sauce

Twice baked Huguenot cheese soufflé,
parmesan grappa sauce

Pasture reared chicken, liver cremeaux, Vin de Constance must jelly,
celeriac remoulade, hazelnut vinaigrette



Miso marinated sustainable fish, potato & egg tortellini, nori,
baby pak choi, tomato gyokai




Grass fed Boran beef, Jerusalem artichoke mash,
caramelized onion, tomatillo, sancho pepper, brandy jus




Chocolate gateaux, yuzu pear compote,
chamomile yoghurt, almond crumble